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Friday, 1 July 2016

Back on track ?

Hi Everyone
Having avoided working for most of yesterday. TODAY - I need to get back on track ! I had a lovely time yesterday, chatting and drinking coffee most of the afternoon; then my evening was taken over by a school parents event but eventually, I treated myself to a few tennis matches on Tv (it's Wimbledon again).
So..... no excuses for me now, I've had my day off. I did start my 2nd felted purse (yesterday) and I managed to completely ignore my initial colour plan (see 28/6/16 inspiration ideas) and ended up making a yellow coloured purse. 


It should have been more 'mustard' but I quite liked the yellow (at the time ?). I want to get lots of embellishments going on and have seen a purse with lace around the clasp frame which appeals. I also quite like the idea of adding some felted/beaded flowers as well as more embroidery. I've seen an inspirational purse (see my photo story above) with flowers. This is a little too much for me but it's the sort of thing I'm considering. I'm going to develop another couple of purse this morning and will devise lots of embellishment plans. I aim to add some of the buttons from last week (read back for details) too.
If I manage to accomplish my plans this morning, I can call into Wimbledon again.

Thanks for reading.
Have a great weekend.