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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Spindrift Shawl

Hi Everyone
I'm excited to share the progress of my latest knit project. I'm knitting the Spindrift Shawl by Helen Stewart and enjoying every stitch. The pattern is very easy to follow and alongside every row, Helen gives the total number of stitches for each row. I love this detail. Having a stitch count throughout is reinforcing at each stage, where I am in the pattern as well as confirming I'm actually following the pattern (something I tend to find challenging with almost all patterns).
I'm also thrilled with how the yarn is knitting up. My photo isn't giving a true colour - there's much more of a green/teal look going on.


This dye job was an experiment, I wanted to create something which would compliment denim as well as a range of blue/green pieces of clothing in my wardrobe. I'm using the new dye's from my visit to Wingham Wools last week (read back yesterday for more on this). I think the colours work beautifully and each row of the shawl delivers little speckles of moss green, mustard and a dark teal colour - such a joy to enjoy the yarn. It's probably the first time I've felt like this about one of my dyed yarns, although, I did create a red combination a little while back which I knitted up into the Neck Candy scarf. The red, grey, mustard combination was quite pleasing at the time.


Getting back to Spindrift, I'm just through 40% of the Spindrift knit and feel as if I've just started. The shawl has a lovely deep lace border which is something I'm very much looking forward to trying.


I will share my shawl when finished - I'm not entirely sure where this will be ? but I'm thinking it will be quite soon.

Thanks for calling in today.