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Monday, 24 April 2017

Fibre Shopping

Hi Everyone
It's a 'back to work' day today ! I always struggle to get into my work mode following a holiday. My usual tack is to have a slow start and a VERY short list of things to do. I'm working on that approach today. So, not much going on for me.
However, on reflection, I've had a lovely Easter break - very quiet and mostly lots of sitting around making things. We've also had some good family time and one very exciting shopping trip ! 
Last Friday, I visited Wingham Wools (you can find them online here). They live in a smallish village in Yorkshire and have the most amazing selection of fibre related things. Lots and lots of different fibres as well as spinning tools, fibre dyes, books and much more. It's a great place to explore, I could hardly contain myself. The problem was - what to buy ? It was quite difficult to stop seeing things to buy, in the end, I eventually came away with a great selection of things. Under the circumstances, I thought I was very restrained.


I was mesmerised by the range of merino colours. Lots of single colours in a rainbow of shades in a large shed and another shed with more merino in some lovely blended combinations - with a few bargain bags. My particular favourite colours (at the moment) are navy and mustard so I was especially pleased with 200gms of merino. I also chose a bag of mixed blended merino (another 200gms). I wanted to look for some unusual fibres when I saw the range of sample bags and eventually chose Crab Top - how how is that possible ? and Banana Fibre as well as Camel. I'm not quite sure what I will do with these fibres ? - some kind of blending ?
My final purchase was a selection of dyes. These are a lovely range of colours, mustard, navy and green in beautiful natural shades. I've used the dyes already in a little project (will share the results tomorrow).
My job today is to find projects for each of my new fibres - I'm already there with the navy and mustard merino but not sure about the other stuff. I probably need to review my whole current fibre stash and make some plans.

Thanks for calling in today.