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Friday, 7 April 2017

Fibre Jewellery - update

Hi Everyone
I've a little more news re my progress with the Fibre Jewellery Project today. The basic fibre ropes which form both the necklace and the bracelet are probably my preferred design. I like the idea of using coloured and textured fibres to create the whole design, keeping the form simple. However, I've developed some beads to embellish the ropes, giving the original design more options.
I've made a simple peyote stitch collar for the bracelet, using seed beads. I quite like the look but still prefer the simple rope. I can slip the bead collar over the clasp, so I have the option of easily taking away the collar if it suits.

I've also added a silver chain to the necklace. The chain I've chosen is very simple and quite delicate, I tried a number of different chains and this one seems to suit. I'm going to add a clasp to the chain (although the necklace comfortably fits over my head) I like the idea of changing the focal beads I've developed and need some way of slipping the beads on and off the fibre rope without undoing the jump rings which attach the chain to the barrel ends. I feel I'd like the flexibility of changing the look by changing the bead. Here's a quick look at the beads so far :


These beads have been developed from polymer clay and have a large hole to slip over the fibre rope. The plain coloured beads will get a layer of paint to highlight a surface pattern design, followed by a polish. At the moment, I'm favouring the bead on the far right, although, I think the plain beads will compliment the rope necklace best. 

Thanks for calling in today.
Have a great weekend.