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Friday, 14 April 2017

Plans for a shawl

Hi Everyone
I started sharing my acquisitions from St Abbs Yarn Festival (8/4/17) at the begining of the week and was slightly distracted by Wednesday ! However, I'm back on track today with a lovely idea for a shawl. I'd seen this shawl knitted up at Edinburgh last month and intended to acquire the yarn there. I ,somehow, didn't buy it ? The Edinburgh Yarn Festival proved to be quite a challenge re keeping a clear head. The shawl pattern is called Settler Shawl and designed by Libby Johnson. It's a paid for pattern on Ravelry.
Anyway, before heading off to St Abbs, the shawl idea was firmly on my list and the first thing I bought. I knew Lyndsey from Blue Moon would be there but I wasn't sure there would be any of the threesome yarn left ? Big smile from me when I saw the yarn.


As mentioned, the yarn is from Blue Moon  details of the shop here - I love these colours and am excited to start the shawl project. I need to clear my needles of the socks I'm knitting and then I'll cast on. I think the shawl will be a great Summer thing, great to wear with denim. The shawl pattern is simple but gives a hint of being lace. I'm very wary of lace knitting, it's not usually my thing. I think it's to do with having to concentrate and keep my eye on the pattern. I tend to drift off and before a I know it, I've gone wrong !!  This time, I'm going to do it - no matter how long it takes I WILL make this shawl. I'm sure Im going to enjoy knitting the shawl. The colours of the yarn are so lovely.

As usual will keep you informed of my progress.
Thanks for calling in today. Have a lovely Easter Holiday.