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Monday, 3 April 2017

Knitting News

Hi Everyone
I've a little news update re the wrist warmer project (started last week). Friday's post detailed the 'purposeful spinning' idea which is all about spinning for a specific project and I'm reporting on the results. Read Friday's post for more on this.
Over the weekend, I knitted a few wrist warmers and learned about the techniques involved in colourwork. In addition to the actual colourwork techniques, I was also a little unsure about how my hand spun yarn would cope with colourwork. However, I'm happy to report - it coped very well !

 I have concluded, I would have achieved a more distinct contrast pattern with single block colours. One of my colour choices was a mustard/grey/blue blend. I do love the way the coloured blend works with the blue and natural colours but I think a single yellow or dark blue would have given a higher contrast in the stitch pattern. However, the general consistency of the hand spun yarn is very pleasing and the finished wrist warmer is pretty. A positive and very enjoyable knit. I really enjoyed the colourwork technique. Here is a quick look at one of the wrist warmers prior to blocking - I've simply pinned out. I will block both wrist warmers when I'm finished the pair.


One issue which concerned me from the begining was how tight my knitting gauge tends to be. I was right to be concerned. My first completed wrist warmer is a whole size too small. I'm now in the process of knitting a third to give me a pair of warmers which match in size. In addition to my tight knitting tendency, I almost always have issues following patterns - I start with good intentions, then go 'off piste' and resolve any issues as I go. This time, I was determined to stick with the pattern and so it was - it's very easy but I did manage to keep with the stitch count and the colours throughout (as stated). My gauge has slackened considerably and I think, I'm there - in terms of my technique. I also can report very few occasions where my yarn got tangled - major achievevment !
The idea behind this project was twofold - I wanted practice on 'purposeful spinning' and practice re colourwork technique. I think, I can be very pleased with myself.

Thanks for calling in today.