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Monday, 17 April 2017

Shawl Yarn Update

Hi Everyone
Today, I have a little progress towards the new shawl (Sweet Marie Shawl) to share. Read back last week for more on this project. I've hand spun the initial natural dyed/neutral wool in blue/green/gold and have around 100m of yarn to work with. The shawl needs more, so I've got another 20m in neutral and a further 65m in mixed neutral/grey hand spun. My plan with the mixed neutral/grey is to dye it.


My dilema is ....... what colour ? At the moment the colours are a little subdued for me. I don't have rules about colour but this combination seems to lack something ? I'm considering a Chartreuse green or a Tangerine orange ? for the neutral/grey yarn. 
In addition, I will still need a little more yarn to complete the shawl and have an idea to add some of a left over green yarn (Dovestone dk) from a previous project. I have some arm warmers in this yarn and am thinking the shawl will offer a good combination to wear alongside the arm warmers. Check out the arm warmer story here.


Will let you know how things turn out.
Thanks for calling in today.