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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Fibre Jewels - next phase

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm developing my Fibre Jewels Project into a new Making Workshop. I've already made a couple of pieces, a necklace and a bracelet (read back here for details on the initial project). These pieces are complete with their fastenings and beads in place.
The next fibre jewel phase will develop new colour combinations as well as multiple rope designs. I'd like to try and create a three strand necklace and bracelet version. The fibre element will be quite straightforward, it's the fastening which presents more of a design challenge.
I've seen a press stud fastening idea which I think could work well - so, this is my first solution for the multiple strand pieces. Wish me luck.
Here's a quick reminder of the first Fibre Jewels results :


I'll share the results of this next phase along with the initial finished pieces tomorrow. I haven't decided on colour combinations yet. I'm going to look in my wardrobe to try and develop something which will compliment a few outfits. I think a gradient colour combination may work for me.

Thanks for calling in today.