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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Blending Experiments

Hi Everyone
I've a little news about my spinning story from yesterday - take a look yesterday for the detail. 
I've taken the dyed wool and prepared the three separate colours into something I could blend. My plan was to keep the individual colours but add some neutral fibres for the blending process.  I've tried to create a gradient blend using the neutral wool and will aim to spin from dark to light. I'm hoping the rolags I've produced will help me order the dark to light shades for the spin.


So far, I've manage to spin the mustard/gold rolags and will go to the green next. I need to check I've enough yardage in the spin before I can be sure to have enough yarn for my shawl (see yesterday for details). I'm not sure exactly what my plan will be if I'm short of yarn ?  I could keep with neutral yarn or I could develop another batch of contrast colour. I can't make more of the original natural dye wool and anything I try and match will not work as a direct match. The natural dyes have a specific tone and I love the depth of the shades so my choice will be tricky ? 
I'm going to spend the day thinking about my options and hopefully complete the spin of the remaining two colours.

Thanks for calling in today.