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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Fibre Bracelets

Hi Everyone
Having declared I was moving away from fibres for a few days, I'm straight back to making stuff with wool ! It's a hard habit to 'kick' ! In my defence, this Fibre Jewel Project was scheduled and has been in the Project Workbook for some time - it's a coincidence ! (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).
The project is a fibre 'rope' finished with metal findings.

I've made the fibre rope using a regular wet felted technique. I layered coloured wool fibres, wet them with soapy hot water and rolled them in a sushi mat until round and firm. After rolling to the desired width, I pinned the rope in my preferred shape with blocking pins onto a sponge board to dry. 
The bracelet needed to be trimmed to size after drying and I spent some time dry felting the ends in preparation for glueing into my barrel end findings. The whole process is very quick and I do like the look of the final item.


My plan is to wear my bracelet today, to check how it works as a practical piece of jewellery. I do want to add some kind of beads to the bracelet and am thinking about a peyote stitch collar which picks out some of the different colours in the felted fibres. I'm hoping the collar will sit somewhere in the centre of bracelet, maybe it could move along the length ? There are lots of possibilities with this bracelet, I'll keep thinking about my options throughout the day. 
I also have another fibre rope 'under construction' , this one will be a necklace. Hopefully, I will have something to share tomorrow.

Thanks for calling in today.