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Friday, 21 April 2017

Polymer Jewels

Hi Everyone
Just a quick post to share a few jewellery items from my 'playtime' yesterday. These simple pieces have been in the design stage for quite some time ! I'm not sure why I've taken so long to finish these items ? However, the prototypes are here and I'm wearing them all today. I need to know if there's any issues with the practical 'wearing' part of the design. I'm hoping all will be well as I've a few pieces which are similar 'in construction'. It's the only way to check out a design ie wear them !


If each piece works well for me today, I'll add a few more colour ways and bead shapes. I'm aiming to make this range available in my shop. 
I've already got a few bracelets in a similar design which I wear almost everyday - hence my name for the Collection. I'm hopeful that these pieces will be a major part of my jewellery work for a few months. I'd like to add a few rings too. The range will also get some sterling silver wire in the final production pieces.

Thanks for calling in today.
Hope you have a great weekend.