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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Fibre Necklace News

Hi Everyone
As promised yesterday, I have a fibre necklace (almost) to share today. I used the same technique as described in yesterday's post (read back for details) but lengthened the fibre rope. This time, the rope is slightly thinner but uses similar barrel end findings. My plan is to add a chain to provide additional length.  In addition, I want to add some more decoration to the rope and have decided to create a polymer bead collar.


Today, my task is to add my chain and develop the polymer bead/collar. I'm thinking about a single colour, taken from the range of fibre colours - not sure which as the moment ? I will develop some kind of surface pattern on the bead to compliment the barrel ends and the chain, aiming to bring the design together.

The necklace sits beautifully in a slight arc shape and am already planning a couple more samples in other colours. I quite like the idea of making a layered series of strands in a neutral colour and dying to give an 'ombré' effect - possibly in navy ? I'll keep thinking about this one.

Thanks for calling in today.