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Friday, 13 January 2012

Camera talk and the need to be creative.

Hi everybody
weather is great today - cold,crisp and bright sunshine.

I had a great surprise in the post today - a book about taking pictures. Even better !! the book was bought using a free voucher from some survey I did. Its FAB - loads of great advice and loads of great ideas for styling. I love it. There's too much to tell in the blog - you must take a look if you are remotely interested or involved in selling your stuff.
If you read this blog regularly, you will know how I struggle taking good pictures - all I need now is the right camera !!! - probably always been the major problem for me. Still, I will struggle on for the moment with my phone.

I also came across a lovely piece on Etsy about this seller. She goes by the shop name of

Poor Pitiful Pearl

I spent ages looking at her clothing styles and reading her blog. Its great stuff and uses recyled things. Take a look. She also has an Etsy Shop.

The 'valentine ing' stuff is coming on - some fabric came today and I will be able to incorporate this into my offer - some little hearts and I'm going to add some fabric to the cards/tags. Will share some pictures when I have a little display. I'm hoping I link the vintage look with the fabrics.

Can't believe its almost the weekend again - my life seems so hectic I feel I've missed the week ! - its all on 'fast forward'. My home is in need of TLC too - I've managed to ignore the cleaning etc all week. Will need to do a little later, unless I get too involved in creating ! I feel lifes too short to miss creative experiences ! (I'm sticking to this philosophy) . I'm missing painting too - I'm planning a treat for myself  this weekend - to paint. I asked for a 'painting time voucher' for christmas from my husband and he came up with three - I am going to cash in. The idea is that I get complete time out of doing anything (other than paining) for 1 hour per voucher. Here it is below :
Unfortunately, there will be much demand for me to do other things ! We will see.

Must get on
Bye for now