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Friday, 6 January 2012

Rings and food - connections ?

Hi Everybody
weather is great today - very bright and a little frosty. Am feeling a bit better today (am suffering from shingles) - its a slow process of getting strong after regular episodes but I'm optomistic - as ever!
I spent lots of time yesterday, looking for and finding some inspiration (for anything). I also 'prepped' some small wood pictures for a few ideas that came throughout the day. As a result, I'm ready to do a little painting today.
my rose

 initial efforts with scrap paper
Kirsty's ring
I also had a go at the Kirsty Allsop Rose ring. I've mentioned this ring idea a few times in my blog and have thought about having a go many times. I received Kirsty's latest craft book as a christmas gift - so it was something I looked at today (in my search for inspiration). For my first attempt, I used scraps of paper from the bin  - will keep going with this idea and am thinking of using some prints of my pictures. The 'rose' is very simple to make and almost instant.

Its all in the paper and perhaps embellishments ie a centre bead or stone and a finish for the petals - perhaps a glaze ? I need to get some ring findings to see a wearable item. I'm quite taken with the idea.

mince pies to eat - straight from the oven (plus glass of port !)

Here is a picture of my mince pies  - I did promise to give recipe and more pictures - will get these up during the week. I'm thinking of having a little food thing going on in my blog - food is quite a big part of our life - we do spend time at weekends enjoying cooking and trying out new recipes. Will give this more thought.

Bye for now.