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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Rings and fabric bracelets

Hi everyone
very dull day today - mild (for January) but not inspiring !
ring findings

ring findings
However, what is inspiring is the ring findings which arrived to put the paper rose together - you will remember the paper roses (inspired by Kirsty Allsopp) -  look back a few blogs to see the detail. I ordered a few different types of ring findings (5) to see which would work. I'm still not sure exactly what will work. Will experiment.
The bag came with the order !
from RedMag daily site
Thinking about jewellery, I picked up a very cheap fabric bracelet (see below) from Fat Face a few days ago. The bracelet had been  approximately £5 and I think I paid £1.50 - bargain ! Its lovely to wear and is inspiring me to make a similar item. Just need to find some great fabric. Reading through my daily blogs I came across this example (left). Its from RedMag daily (online magazine).

my bracelet from FatFace

my bracelet from FatFace
I love the idea of  using fabric as a threading medium. I'm sure there are many more examples out there.

On the working front - I am getting to grips with the Valentine offer today - will have some prototypes by the end of the day -  so will share tomorrow. My ideas have grown today so have added to my initial list.