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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

'Leather Rose' - maybe ?

Hi everyone
weather report is very poor today - raining and miserable !! - say no more.

Its almost a week since I wrote my last blog - not been well again and have tried to slow down and get well ! Not sure I'm there yet but I'm back into nornal life. Had a lovely day yesterday with Richard - we did a bit of shopping and had lunch and a walk and cooked dinner together. Now its back to work.
Here's an update on a recent project. I had completed the rose ring and needed to try it out myself on Sat. - it got through the day until about 3pm doing general tasks - cooking etc and then the rose left the ring part !! Its not the 'best', most practical item - would probably be better suited to a brooch or hair pin.
Am thinking about another fixing for the ring, I have'nt given up yet. I did like the ring -  as it was, but am also going to try a slightly different shape ie flatter and wider (this will mean another rose). I feel this would reduce the potential for breaking or catching the ring while 'getting on with life' Will report back when its done and ready for another trial.
ring in action
 This is the broken top part ie the rose - you can see I have added a circle to try and attach the rose to the flat ring fixing - its not worked so I think it needs a wire to go around the ring fixing. Perhaps, I could add the pearl (in the centre of the rose) using a wire around the ring attachment rather than the card circle idea.  Minor in the 'scheme of  things' but a little problem to solve !!
card circle attachment for ring base

Elsie Larson leather pocket idea
 I am also interested in exploring the idea of working with leather. I have been thinking about this for some time and all of a sudden there are tips and ideas in my tweet list. Elsie Larson ( a true inspiration) has been giving tips and ideas for working with leather over the last few days. Here is an idea for adding leather pockets. Leather pocket project

 Another leather project and tips from Elsie

 Not sure what I can do yet but am thinking about something to do with the rose ring and leather ?
Take a look at Elsie's stuff, she comes up with some great projects.

Must get on.
Bye for now.