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Monday, 16 January 2012

Hearts and more hearts.

Hi everyone
weather been so cold and frosty today but lovely at the same time - we had lots of family time over the weekend and predictably I did no painting ( I took the decision to 'join in' rather than take my painting time - so will not moan about it !!) . As a family, we did lots of walks in the frosty sunshine. I took some pictures and will get them up here asap.

Life has passed me by for about three days ? not sure where its gone ?.
Big treat today, Molly Makes arrive. Here it is.

I love the lacy crochet things on the front - readers will know about my wish to be a skilled crochet person - these wrist warmers are lovely. I so wish, I could make them. I'm convinced I can't ! - this is odd for me as most things 'crafty', I feel are within my reach !. I must change my attitude about crochet.

The whole world seems to be full of hearts - they are everywhere. I'm debating which shape to make some hearts for the valentine collection - I can't decide if I should make them very round or 'folk like' or ? - perhaps, I should make a range of heart versions ? This will be my priority tomorrow.

I love this little picture - its inspired me to draw a doll holding some hearts (just like the ones I'm going to make - not in a jar ). I hope they turn out OK.
The hearts will be different and based on the picture below. Its a lovely photograph we took while on holiday several years ago.
While walking along a very pretty stream we came across these hearts. They were on a large rock . They looked perfect - no weather damage and simpy placed on the rocks. We returned to the same spot several times over the next few days and they remained in the same place. I'm aiming to use the idea in my painting. Somehow, the image give's me a feeling of being there for ever - undamaged and almost untouchable. We did'nt disturb them. It seems no one else touched them either. It was quite a busy walk in a popular tourist location.

Thats it for now.