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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

More hearts and some trees

Hi Everyone
weather cold and frosty again - everything is white and crisp. Sun is hiding at the moment.
I've been concentrating on more hearts today - so far I've done about 40 (in various finishes).

 Here are a few images of the basic pieces. For some reason, they are uploading in a vertical position ? No doubt there is a simple fix but its not in my 'toolbox' !!!

I must try and solve this issue. Its only a recent development.

The papers used here are a very old range from Elsie
(Elsie's blog) Larson. If you look at her style generally, you will see images linked to the style to this day. I love the collage effect from the patchwork sample sheet below. The colours and style give a great fun approach. I've made some broaches from the folk heart shapes - I aim to attach to some of the cards which will be available in my shops - soon !

My roses for the rings (project under construction - read back for further information) are not going well. My choice of ring findings are not quite right for the roses. I like the first rose I made for this project and have added a little pearl style bead in the centre. I think the outer surface of the ring needs some attention too - it would be  fine if the rose is to be attached to a card or picture but when on a ring the whole rose petal part will be on view (and I like a bit more quality when it comes to jewellery - even if its paper !!) Will see what I can do. Will keep you up to date.

Yesterday , I mentioned our little family spent the weekend walking in the frosty countryside around our home area. I've managed to get a few pictures from both days. They are different places and days but do look very similiar.
Hulme Park in Alnwick
 I love the bark on these trees. The images have inspired some patterns which will find their way into a painting (just started yesterday). The colours are very distinct (in a good picture) - the bark is red and the branches have a silver green apprearance. Just lovely in the sunshine. The first two pictures were taken in Hulme Park, Alnwick (just outside 'the Castle' from Harry Potter fame)
Hulme Park

 The next few pictures are from Simonside - just south of Rothbury. The land here is much more rugged and forms part of a country park with miles of tracks.

climbing trees

 The last picture shows our boys deperate to find a tree to climb. They both declared they were too tired to go on - that is, until the tree climb and their run back downhill (approx 1-3 miles). I guess thats boys for you !

Bye for now.