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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Here's looking forward to 2012

Hi everybody and Happy New Year
so sorry for not being around - I'm a little unwell at the moment (and have been so for about a week) so didnt get my mince pies stuff up here and all the other little bits of information I promised. Will try and get up to speed asap.
Its all back to normal ish- kids back at school and me half back to work. Weather is quite kind again today - we have had a bumpy few days with rain and very windy. Looks quite good outside just now - blue sky and a little late afternoon sunshine.
I've been making plans for new stuff and am reviewing the last few months to take stock of ongoing projects. I have my initial list - some editing needed ! My first task (while I do edit) is to get a few (new) simple scenes painted for new collections. Will start a little later today.
I always feel a 'bit at odds' after a holiday - especially Christmas - it seems so much planning goes into a week or so and then what ? - I'm reading all my back mags with ideas for my next phase and everyone in the blog world is reviewing so theres lots out there to keep me on track and stop longing for another weeks holiday. I have had the best year ever with thepapersac and here's looking forward to 2012 - I have big plans. Just need a week or so to get well and get all my energy back.

Bye for now.