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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New painting and roses

Hi Everyone
weather warned up considerably today. No white covering of frost this morning. Bit damp.

Been starting a few new paintings alongside lots of other tasks. The Valentine stuff is moving on and the ring rose has moved too ! - I've strenghthend the rose by adding another layer of paper on the outside, stuck in the pearl and given the whole thing a coat of varnish. Just looking at it again - I think another varnish would be good. It feels strong and is very pretty. I've also ordered the new ring style (to attach the rose), so am waiting delivery of that - then the whole thing can be assembled. Fingers crossed. I do want to wear it on Valentines Day. I have decided I do like it.
 I've just placed it on my finger here to show how it should look. The other shots show the back and the progress to date.
back of rose

post varnish

initial development- before shot
The before shot re the rose development, does not give an idea of how things have moved on - it looks exactly the same ! I did'nt take a side shot showing the initial paper layer - I'd taken the trouble of printing a delicate pattern on it. C'est la Vie !!

Now, news of a new paining. I thought I would show the development From Scratch. The idea behind the painting came from a pretty girl/hearts picture  and a photo from an old holiday (look back a few days for the detail). I sketched out the images onto plain paper using a graphite pencil - then started to add colour. There will be a few days of adding colour, using wax Prisma coloured pencils in a variety of shades. My starting colours will be red,titan buff (acrylic paint for later) and flesh colours. Each session will add and adapt to how I think it should go. Here is the point at which I am now. The drawings are currently all on one page - I will keep them there until I am happy with the colours. They will then get cut and stuck down on a prepared background. I have a plan on the sketch - difficult to see but bottom right of the sketch. Will make this clearer as the painting develops. I aim to make a skirt from some fabric and you will note the legs are not connected. The arms will also be adjusted and maybe the head position.

The face of the doll looks a bit odd with very little detail - will develop this alongside the shading. The doll needs a name ! I think it will be something to do with valentine - the hearts will be a 3D thing - not sure exactly how yet. Love this part of a paining ie 'just' as the doll is becoming a personality (in my head).

Bye for now.