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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Little houses

Hi everyone
weather report today is rather late to comment (its 9.45pm) - its so mild - every time I go out I've got the wrong kit on. Tonight, I dressed in a big duvet coat (my usual attire for a Wed pm 'pick the kids up' night) and had to take it off - unbelievable for Jan !!
Today, was quite productive - I didnt do the things on the list but did do a little painting for part of a new range. I need a name but the range is to do with house's ie New Home card or gift. The range will consist of my little cottage from the Christmas Wood and another few images - more 'architect like' drawings (yet to complete) and the ones I did today.
Bit more paiting required but am resonably pleased with how it has gone so far today. Still not well, so progress slow. I'm only working half time.

This is the initial background for the painting. I had primed a piece of wood with a weak wash of white. I added some watercolour colours - again a light wash of browns,greens,orange and blue.

Here, I've added some folk art houses and some detail - the painting will be a List It Tool eventually (for a friend) - will also make some more for the shop. More detail to be added tomorrow as well as the hardware ie hook and hanging tags. I like the round the corner element of the red house (on the top right). The other two photos (below) are showing the side views of the painting. I tend to continue the scene to the edge and around the side rather than using a frame.

left side view

right side view

Bye for now.