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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tag development FROM SCRATCH

Hi Everyone
weather report today is great - sunny and dry - earlier this morning it was raining quite hard - what a change !!
 I've got a few snaps of the Valentine range tags - most are dressed up now but I'm showing the From Scratch development approach. As with my painting yesterday, I thought I would do this more often ie show the development of the items I'm making. I think, all these tags are now sold but will do some more for the shops. All my papers here are bought but I will be using my own art when Valentine (my new doll paining) is complete. I have pondered several days re her name and keep coming back to Valentine. Its a lovely name and am now thinking of a surname to compliment the Valentine name ! It will come to me , today.

initial collection of card 'cut outs' and papers
For the tags, I've developed a range of shapes and sizes and tried to co ordinate the patterns with my card designs (some still under construction).
Each tag has developed (in design) a little further, with additions and adaptations. I will take a few designs and show this over the next few days. I find the thick board card used (as a base for each tag) give the tags a special tactile quality, which I like. The other key material for me, is the choice and colour of ribbon.

For these tags, I have used ribbon from a large stock of ribbons (collected over many years) so did'nt go out and buy any. I think this has a bearing on design and gives me a sense of satisfaction using a limited choice - this tends to make for a more imaginative design (ultimately).I do think the ribbon makes a statement about how the tags can be used. The more 'fluffy' the ribbons the ribbon, the more 'girly' the tag while the sam tag can be given a string/flax string and be great for a masculine feel. Will hope to demonstrate this with my tag examples.
card and paper combination - pre 'dressing'

stage 1 and 2 of development

The pictures give an idea of stage 1 and 2 of the tag development. Stage 1- I am calling cutting out the basic shapes (using a sizzix cutter/dies) with papers and some heart embellishments. Stage 2 is sticking the card and papers together.
I spend time getting the sticking process as exact as I can - I find the detail important and dont like to see glue marks or shoddy lining up of papers.

Thats it for today - more development pictures tomorrow.

Bye for now.