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Monday, 9 January 2012

New designs and roses for Miss Burton.

Hi everyone
weather is lovely and bright today - blue sky and sunny - not sure how cold !!  I have my Jan 2012 list of stuff which will go into the shop = lot of work between now and full shop but the list is developed and wriiten up. I have the right to change things but there are 10 areas for development - the plan is closer to the original idea (when I opened the shops)  x number of lines with 5 items in each collection - I devised this about two years ago and it did'nt quite get there. However, I do feel I have more of a 'design to work to product' process and I'm resonably confident I can get them all going. (1) Miss Mitchell is in there (of course) but in a range of different ways. Some familiar and some new.

Miss Mitchell
Miss Burton
Christmas Wood Cottage
  (2)Miss Burton (another old friend - not yet developed). (3)Developemnts on 'the cottage' from the Christmas Wood and a (4)Valentine thing - not yet seen on this blog (but a blast from my past) - no pictures yet.
So, thats the first of four ideas for the new collections. I will reveal more as the days go by and share my developments. Most items will be developed From Scratch (staying true to what I do) and will find their way into my shops on Etsy and Folksy.
After my success with making ring roses a few days ago, I mentioned ordering some ring findings to help show the roses.

The findings have arrived, so will try them out. Hopefully, I will have some of these styled roses attached to one of the lines - my initial idea was Miss Burton - she is fond of roses, as you can see from the picture.
Must get on .
Bye for now.