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Friday, 27 January 2012

Folk Art Dolls

Hi everyone
had a really busy day today and have only managed to wrap/make birthday stuff for our family birthday. We all plan to spend the whole weekend celebrating. Hoping to enjoy a huge treat this weekend. The weather has turned cold and it has started to rain (late in the day again) - there seem to be reports of snow !!

I've done a little review on my Shop Menu (work I will produce for sale)-  its actually just a bit of paper but has lots of revisions and additional ideas. I reviewed the sheet last night while waiting to pick the kids  from school. It was only about a 15mins activity but I did lots of quick thinking/notes. I often find these little snaps of work in a place other than my studio do pay dividends ! Now just need to produce the stuff.

Part of my review was to look at some of the folk art dolls I've already done - could they be developed into good paintings ?

The quality of the picture here is not very clear but the actual drawings have potential.
Have started to develop them already. They all have names - I'm not so happy with these original names so am now trying to find more suitable ones. I'm going to watch some tennis in a moment (Australian Open) and am thinking about using names of the tennis players.

Well thats about it for now.