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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Image transfer and tiny cakes

Hi everyone
weather report today is very positive - we had an early downpour but now (mid day here) its lovely, very bright and sunny. Makes me feel inspired about the day.
I'm deep into making stuff for valentine but am also searching for new and interesting ways to transfer images - you may remember, I have experimented with this kind of printing before (with great results last year - take a look through the archives). I have a book on my shelf (see it here) with lots of detailed techniques - they all appear to be using very similar methods but using slightly different materials and for different situations.  I'm going to try a few of the techniques and will share my results. My idea is to use my own original painting as the transfer material ie a copy of and am hoping to find the most appropriate method for me.I need to buy a few materials before I can start.
I also caught a short video via Tweet which is using polymer clay take a look - its so inspiring in a vey gentle/honest here .The artist is Karolina Kubik, a.k.a. LePinkChocolat - her site is full of lovely items. I especially like this its so cute and very clever.

I have dabbled with this craft a few times but find it difficult to get my final pieces appropriately baked. I'm not giving up - am going to give another go with the valentine stuff- so will report on my progress.
Must get on.

Bye for now