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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Make your own personalised valentine card.

Hi anyone
weather poor today - dull and damp !

 I have a few initial pictures of my valentine offer - have used an old idea of mine (from 2008) to inspire the design but have tried to update with a 'vintage' look with colours/textures. Its a simple idea which lends itself to personalisation. My inspiration came from this card  - I made it for my husband (as a valentine card)  using a scan of an actual letter he sent me. I'm not sure why I like it so much but I keep it in a frame (usually) and look at it on a regular basis. I think its the colour mix and the stationary feel of it.I've written personal messages by hand and used initials on the front. You could do a similar card using an actual letter or note or anything that your valentine has written - could be a simple list or note.
inspiration card (meant to be turned 90 right)
My new look card takes the same elements but each card has a more vintage look - I'm almost thinking of doing another original design too ?

Not sure. Will always do something slightly different (seems to be in my nature !)
The heart thing is also (obviously) important to the valentine range and there is to be a little fabric heart collection - am waiting for a specific thread/ribbon to use with the hearts - will share the final thing after all the bits have arrived.

new design card (upside down)
The new range looks a bit white at the moment but I will add ink layers to age it (when complete).

close up of front 'mock address'
back of card
inside the card - frilly heart strip on right hand opening and additional heart inside
So many hearts everywhere !! - well it is a valentine thing ! I have some tags and simple gift pockets too - have not made my roses yet for the rose rings (see yesterday) hope to do that now.

Bye for today