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Friday, 20 July 2012

End of term - at last !


Hi Everyone
Almost end of term and I'm slightly in that strange time between the end and the beginning. ITs not a sensation that I enjoy. I need to have a mini busy plan to divert my attention. I'm so tired too. Lots of extra things have been going on at the kids school and I've been full on with juggling work and home.
The weather is changing !! So we are told ? I'm yet to be convinced. As I look out of the window it's very cloudy and could rain any minute. Still I'm looking at a relaxing evening and a relaxed weekend. That's the plan !!! We all are suffering, a little, with some virus - probably tired too.
This week , I made some great tags for thank you gifts yesterday but forgot to take a photo. I liked them so much I'm going to make some for the shops. Will get some pictures up here as well as a step by step of how to make them.
This is a painting done by my eldest boy - its one of a series. He's so talented - all this years of making him paint (before he could walk) are paying off !!

Here is another great little piece of work. This one is from my younger son and has been in his file for some time. It first appears to be quite a simple, unsophisticated piece but when I look closely at each area of the work - it offers a great sense of 'life' and each character is unique, with a visual personality. I'm going to use the artworklater in the year. I love it.

I also came across a lady last week who keeps bees - she gave me this large piece of wax. I will melt it and use as a seal/top layer on some of my mixed media paintings. The result is a dreamy texture to the painting and is useful to combine / integrate 3 dimensional items which I sometimes include. I will post a picture when I use this wax to share the technique - a 'before, during and after'.

That's about it for now.

Bye for today.