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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Lost in cards !

Hi Everyone
Weather today was not bad - looked like rain much of the time but turned out great. Lovely evening.
Been busy making cards again - this time for teachers ( leaving or some other special occasion). I've made customised cards for many years but not many recently. I tend to go into minute detail and they take forever to complete. I'm reasonably pleased with my efforts to date.

This picture shows my progress to date. I've simply taken images from hard copy images from my studio and scanned,cut,stuck etc and come up with some designs. I also like to make individual envelopes which follow the card design in some way. All the cards have specific messages to the receiver. I hope to have them completed tomorrow. Although they have taken up lots of my time, I have enjoyed doing them. I have thought ( several times) about the pleasure in the design and making. I can get quite lost in the process. It's a good feeling !
I've done a little more research on Mary Havershams broach and found this great picture

It's an advertisement for an event at Liberty but I like the big ring image in the middle ie the blue , this is how I envisage the broach should look,obviously in a broach form rather than the ring. I will try and duplicate this idea.
I also came across this fish on a bike and thought of my recent painting (Harry Vickers). The picture is of a crochet piece but it gave me an idea of how I could transform Harry's bike. Not sure how exactly ? , crochet is not my strong point. But, I will give it a go. Will share the results. Here is another look at Harrys bike as it is

Well that's it for now. Will be back tomorrow .

Bye for now.