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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Felting Talk

Hi Everyone
Great weather day today - bright and very warm. It's our second official day of the summer holidays and I'm concentrating on family and holidays things. We go away for 15 days at the end of the week, can't wait. I feel I need the break.
I'm hoping to get a range of sketching underway while on holiday. I always take lots of projects away with me and usually fail to do very much !!!!
This year, I'm going to be more focused and travel light. So a little thought needs to go into that today. I also need to get my 'stitched postcard' underway - my plan is there in outline and I need to make some paper cloth for the project - will get some photos of the process to share tomorrow.
I'm also going to review my blog today, so will tidy up any news or projects that have been missed.
We had a lovely (extended) family get together yesterday - at a local golf club. The event was a surprise for the boys (to celebrate the teenage birthday - still going strong after only a week - more to go) but I enjoyed it too. My brother reminded me that I hadn't completed a felted bird project ( from Christmas) - with this in mind I thought I may do this later this evening. Again, will take some photos of the process.
This is the bird project in Kirstie Allsopp CRAFT book.

As I looked through the book I did notice another project that I did complete and it sold in my shops. Below is my version (with a needle holder).

That's about it for today, will get to my ever increasing list of 'things to do' - its still a 'holiday day' ( in theory) !!!!

Bye for now.