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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Raining cats and dogs !

Hi Everyone
It's raining again !!! .....but it's out of my control so I'm just living with it.
I've been doing volunteer stuff again. So ..... not much time for work this week. However, i'm still thinking about my stitch postcard - I think it will be on paper cloth (look back with a search - I talk about this stuff quite a bit) with some doll images and some stitching. I'm going to sketch out my design so will share when it's done.

I saw these little guys yesterday and have added them to my file of dogs - just for inspiration.I have a handmade book dedicated to dogs and cats.

Also saw this sausage dog - its an idea for a card but I like the simple head shape.

As you see my sausage dog is a bit different but I see how I can alter to interpret the card idea. Will give it a try. I need a few Thank You cards for teachers.
Bye for today