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Monday, 9 July 2012

Making Pretty Packages

Hi Everyone
Raining yet again ! Not too bad - when I look and hear about the devastation in other parts of the country. It's still rather disappointing - lets hope another week or so and then the sun will shine - just in time for the school summer break. It is mide July - I was expecting better weather by now.

I've had a busy weekend away with our boys on a family scout camp. Camping on a farm - lots of dirt and very wet ! Lovely. No more information required. We had great fun. Our home is now trying to recover from the trip - not there yet !

No work done for a few days. I have finished my card order - all bagged and ready to go.

I also have some packaging to create for some watches which will be sold at the school fair on Friday . It looks like I am going to be taken over with such activities all week. So far I've come up with a design and started the job. I thought I would share the process. Here is what I started with :

This picture shows a watch and my prototype design on a piece of scrap paper. My idea is the show the watch face through the hole and fold the paper to form an envelope.

Here is the folded paper showing the hole.

I've chosen to use pretty papers which I feel reflect the pretty style of the watch. This is a sample - a 6x6 ins paper.

Here are a few more paper designs with their holes. Ready for folding.

I've made some rings to line the holes (on the surface of the package) and strengthen the hole. I've used a sizzix tag a long machine. The dies are very thin so need a sizzix adapter.

That's as far as I've gone - I do know what I'm going to do and am hoping it will work. Watch this space. Will share the finished job tomorrow. I have 10 to do.

Bye for now.