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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sketching Dolls

Hi Everyone
Another lovely day of sunshine and warmth !!! Just like holidays should be.
I've done very little of my planned day - yesterday's list will be the same as tomorrow ! Not sure how that happened ?
However, I've had a lovely day searching for ideas and making paper cloth and a little gardening.
I did manage a few photos and the stitched postcard project is underway - I'm happy with that. I've also done a brief sketch of a doll that will go on the postcard. Here are a few photos of the work done to date.

These photos show the beginnings and the end of the paper cloth process As you see it's drying (overnight) - I should be able to work with it tomorrow.
I was going to use this sketch for the doll ie the one without the legs.

But decided to draw another -

I hope to add colour and may copy it directly onto the paper cloth or stitch it on ? Not sure at the moment - will sleep on it. With that, I'm off to bed .
Bye for now.