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Friday, 13 July 2012

More bracelets again !

Hi Everyone
What a transformation !! Today, the sun is shining - eventually. Not sure what's going to happen for the rest of the day but for now ( early morning) it's looking good.
Today, is also our school fair day. I'm off any minute to help organise it. Will be back later and will finish off today's blog with a report on any purchases.

I managed to spend all day at The Fair - so little time for anything else. The day was very busy and I'm feeling quite tired today, mainly due to many late nights. I'm aiming to get an early night tonight.

The Fair was a great success all round - the highlight for me was acquiring some new bracelets.

And here they are again worn together.

I love these simple bracelets - I have lots of them and wear them in various colour combinations every day. They are very simple to make - simply thread small beads (all the same bead type/colour) onto stretchy thread and tie. I usually add a little glue to the knot. This gives the join a little more stability when the bracelet is stretched each time it's put on or off. From my new collection, I particularly like the yellow ones.
I also won a cuddly toy, my youngest has claimed him - a cute little dog. I will get a picture of him to share tomorrow. That's it, off to sleep.

Bye for now.