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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Inspiration comes from everywhere !

Hi Everyone
Weather - guess ? It's raining. No more to be said.
I've been doing lots of volunteer stuff at my kids school this week. Not much time for much else. However, I've finished my watch packages

I need to do more envelopes but they are not needed for this week so will get on and finish over the next few days. I've prepped all the elements of the rest and just need to stick them.
I'm also very excited to have signed up for this project : THE GREAT BIG STITCHED.

I need to make a postcard with some stitching on it - anything else seems to be ok. The theme of this annual event this year is DISCOVERY. I've a few ideas but will give them a day to develop and then just get on. I know it appears to be a new project ( I promised myself not to start a new project until all my outstanding paintings were complete) but I'm hoping to use it to complete a piece I've already started and develop the piece for this project. Sounds convincing to me anyway.

Also wanted to share these lovely little dolls - they come from paperchase wrapping paper and I've used them as inspiration for extra images for one of my unfinished paintings. Will be working on my own dolls (versions of) later.

Here is another couple of inspiration items - a strange bunch of things but they will make sense when the painting is finished.

Bye for now.