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Thursday, 5 July 2012

The making of a special card

Hi Everyone
It's a very strange atmosphere this morning - a little misty ,warm and very humid. We have a weather warning here - there is a huge rain storm heading our way ! Let's see how much rain we get !
I'm busy with my card order today and am pondering how to solve a design issue with one of them. Today, I thought I would share my development and production process as well as a look at some of the products I have used. I want to add a few metal embellishments to one of the cards - this is the particular card.

I've added the ribbon and have 'decoupaged' the apron and the pan lids. The original picture was in a hard copy in my studio. I scanned the image and added a few words in publishing software.
I want to add these items :

A couple of hearts brads ( to mimic baking tins) and and a few spoons. The problem is how to add them for a clean finish. I like to see the front and back of the card equally finished. My plan is to make a hole for the brad and add a circle on the inside with a sentiment written on it - not sure yet. I think the spoon will go on with a tiny glue spot.
I also wanted to bring the ribbon edging into the main image, so have made a few mini ribbons. I did have a small ribbon in blue - my original idea was to paint it red

Here it is, from the original blue into red. However, when placed on the card the impact is poor. So, I needed to make a similar bow with the exact red ribbon. My idea is to place it on the back of the apron. Will share how it looks when I try it out. Here are my efforts at making some bows for the job :

I decided a longer tail for the bow would look better for the apron.

This card has presented a few challenges in construction. I wanted simple clean lines for the ribbon. I've often failed to attach ribbons well. Sometimes, the ribbons detach themselves overnight because the glue is not good for the job. My solution this time was to use a Glue Dots product. I've had this stuff in my studio for a long time and not used it much. I'm really impressed with the results. It's a bit tricky to apply but the end result is good.

The results in close up is this :

As you can see I've added two layers of ribbon and the glue lines proved most suitable. No visible glue and it's been on display overnight and all seems to be intact. I finished the end with a small drop of pva glue ( just to stop the ribbon fraying). My chosen pva is this

I have used this brand for many years and it's ideal for all my jobs.
I also added a line of ribbon inside the card. Partially for interest but mainly because my printer has left an ink line on the inside. It's a long standing problem which requires a new printer (probably). It's a positive addition ( I think).

Will get on and share the end result before the end of the day.

Bye for now.