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Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Stitched Postcard

Hi Everyone
Another very lazy day has happened - its almost as if I've no control over my destiny !!! The weather has not been great, so it's been nice to stay in and 'create'. I've taken ages looking for things and trying out ideas on my stitched postcard. Here are a few photos to share :

I coloured my doll and cut her out.

I thought she needed a pattern on her dress, so I matched up the background and gave her an 'overlay skirt'.
I've placed her on the 'mock up' postcard with some word ideas, although much of the next phase will be stitched.

The paper cloth has been dried overnight and ironed (not something I get too involved with). I've cut two pieces and will sew them together. This photo shows one of the faces of the postcard.

I'm hoping to complete my sewing part this evening and then some extra painting.
I've enjoyed doing this project and feel slightly guilty, I should have been preparing for our family holiday !!! The date for posting will be while we are away, so I need to finish it before we go. Sounds reasonable !
There's always tomorrow, for my holiday jobs !

Bye for now.