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Monday, 16 July 2012

More cards

Hi Everyone
It's Monday again - can't quite believe how the weeks go by ! Weather is poor - not quite raining but I get the feeling it could rain any moment.
We have been spending the weekend rebuilding a small water feature in our garden.

As you can see there is a 'way to go' in terms of finishing and planting but it's working and ready for dressing. I will get onto it over the next week or so. It's a big improvement on the previous version. I don't have a photo but it's fair to say - 'a big' mess describes it well. I tend to look out at this view when I'm working so I feel, I want it to be pretty. The birds like it too, so I need to take their needs into account.
We also have another family birthday. A teenager !! Scary - again ,I'm reminded how time is flying by. It doesn't seem long since we brought him home - as a new born baby.
As a result of the birthday, I've been wrapping and making cards etc. Here is a quick look at the card I've done today.

I started with a purchased card ...............

and adapted it - then made it into a board type book ( without any pages). I joined the boards with a concertina hinge and added a real photo image of the teenager. Inside I placed a woodworm image (his favourite cricket stuff), with a length of grass (using a sizzix die) I also made an envelope to match. I'm quite pleased with it. Hope he likes it too.
My day is almost taken over now by birthday arrangements - more to do ! I need to make a tiered chocolate cake. Will get a few pictures. Back tomorrow.

Bye for now