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Monday, 1 October 2012

Today's Inspiration

Hi Everyone
Lovely day today, we have seen a dull patch early in the day but generally it's been good.
I've spent a great deal of time messing about with a system update on my IT stuff. Very frustrating to see all my photos disappear and then thankfully come back ! Lost the time, however !!!
I've also been spending some time finishing a card order. Here is a sneak look at the card (from several angles).

I made an envelope too but am not happy with it - so will redo later. That's about it for work production.

I've been making soup and stews etc. - couldn't face shopping so have cooked whatever I found in the cupboard. Smells great but I've run out of time to work. Will need to catch up this evening.

I do feel inspired with lots of ideas which have come froma very quick trawl of my blogs. My greatest inspiration Suzi Blu has a new banner - love it , she has also posted another one of her wonderful paintings

I try very hard to get my dolls to look as good as hers. Not the same but with the same 'feel' to them. I, of course, fail every time as she is so talented. Will use this to help me move on with my own work. I practice her take on faces and then try and develop my own. I can dream !!!!!

Another great inspiration isElsie and Emma ( I often mention this blog - a beautiful mess. Full of great lifestyle things.) Today, they are looking back over September and my boys are very taken with this picture

Very 'chocolaty' - may give it a go. I'm struggling for a pudding today !! This looks great and is probably easy to achieve. Will report on how I get on.

Must go , bye for now.