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Friday, 16 November 2012

Barney and Tucker get ready for Christmas

Hi Everyone
It's been great this morning weather wise - frosty early and then bright sunshine. Unfortunately, clouds are now appearing ! It's still good for me.
Yet again, it's Friday. I know I've said this recently but I'm shocked how quick my weeks go by. I'm not sure I've been very productive this week but my head is full of projects. I'm still onto the new crochet bracelet - here it is again

one of our cousins, Lesley saw my post and has put me onto an exact clasp (as in the photo) I've already ordered. The 'almost right clasp' has not arrived so I'm a bit stuck with that project.
I've got my '12 days' project in place. I must not talk about this until the day. So, my lips are sealed on that one.
I've also done a little work on the Christmas Tucker and Barney - I'm not there yet but I've got some stuff together and drawn the characters. I want to make the painting into a card and/or paintings for my boys - the inspiration for the characters has come from their cuddly toys ( when they were very young) must not imply they play with cuddly toys !!!!

The base/ bottom items are bits of old envelopes from the bin ( my current favourite source of materials). I'm now searching outside for some old bits of wood, for the actual painting base. Will share their development. I see 'grunge' elements creeping in - the boys like cool 'grundge' ! Lets hope it the same 'grunge' that I know.

While blogging around this morning I came across this piece Articlefrom one of my regular reads. It's a lovely idea as well a great story which made me smile.Go take a look at the detail. Here is a peek at the photo.

Another lovely site Here is sharing these wonderful pictures

The pictures reminded me of one of my own projects a few years ago

This is an anniversary card I made from an envelope sent to me from my husband - the original envelope was used but I embellished and painted it. These two pieces have given me some new ideas to add one of my dolls to something similar.

Well, that's it for this week. Have a great weekend. Thank you to everyone that has written to me this week with lovely comments.

Bye for now.