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Monday, 12 November 2012

Inspiration overload !

Hi Everyone
Another day almost over - I'm very late with my blog today. I've been busy with 'life' - not sure what happened other than 'the usual', however,the day has almost gone.
Weather has been mixed - early this morning it looked promising but around 10.30am we had a little light drizzle and its been up and down all day.
I do a short run three times each week and I'm feeling very tired today, nothing unusual happened - must be 'in my mind'. Most of my run days, I do sit around a bit more than usual in the evenings but tonight, I feel extra tired.

Not sure I achieved anything creative over the weekend. I did manage to clear out my wardrobe - this is a major achievement but not exactly 'creative'. Our house has very little storage and what we have is seriously badly managed. I had planned more clearing this afternoon but it didn't happen.

I have spent a short time adding to the 'up cycled aunt Jen' painting - I've added hanging hooks and have fiddled more with some paints. I also want to add a little plaque on the back. I have the extra plan in my head so it's almost ready for hanging. I was going to hang it last week but each time I look I see another idea. This is not a problem - I can always just take it down and add if I see the need. Here it is for a reminder. A front and back image.

I know I said I would end my obsessive reporting of crochet. However, I've seen some stuff I need to share
This red item is another statement piece.

I thought this cover of Vogue Knitting has a fabulous crochet image too. I will try and get hold of a copy.

My own crochet work inspired by Aliquid is coming on.

As you see, it's not there but the quality of each circle is not bad. I will,of course, graduate the sizes before I stitch together and I will do more green. I think another shade of 'blue' too. I hope to imitate the original from Aliquid but maybe I will add some beads into some of the circles- somehow ?

As always, I'mhugely inspired by images of little dolls. These are amazing.

I've seen examples similar to these in a few yarn ads. The dolls are very expensive to buy (£200 +) but they are lovely. I see a similar Miss Mitchell coming to life ! I think I will give it a go. I've long dreamed of making a real doll and have thought about using Fimo or clay for the head. I do like the papermache used in these examples. I'm not up to the quality of the knitting seen here but I think I could make clothing from fabric.

My last offer today is the little house piece. I love this item. It's a group of clay houses on a small piece of wood. The paint work is very simple but I love the look and feel of the piece. Again, it reminds me of my Papersac Village. It's got to be done. Watch this space.

Bye for today.