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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Buttons V Crochet !

Hi Everyone
today the sun is shining and it's quite mild - wonderful.

I'm almost working but not quite. Instead, I'm developing a new obsession with 'buttons' - the idea of buttons has been lurking in my mind for years and I do have a large collection. I've also dabbled with combining buttons into my work. I'm never been completely convinced of anything I tried, so far. However, following my recent success with crochet, I think, I need to immerse myself into the world of buttons. I started without realising yesterday with this photo

These lovely stamps are in fact stamps of buttons. I was attracted to them via an Etsy shop trawl. I love these buttons stamped with the actual stamps.

I also made a large button for Miss Mitchell, last year - the card background was a 'Thank You' card too.

More buttons here (the four characters) were an inspiration for the Miss Mitchell buttons.

The final button link for today is the cute button earrings from a Folksy shop - I almost bought these. I may go and take another look.

The shop is called realicool !

they have loads of very bright and interesting handmade jewellery using buttons.

Must go and create.

Bye for today.