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Friday, 9 November 2012

Is this the end of my crochet problem ?

Hi Everyone
An average looking day today - it's not so cold but the air is a little 'heavy'. I'm running a bit late with 'life' today and my thoughts are dominated by bringing order in my home ! - something I crave on a daily basis. Futile of course !!!! I have two growing children and an extra large one - they all treat the place like a hotel. My 'order' dream is just that and probably always will be. My mini rant here is all about the need to make some order so my creative self can 'be'. I'm so distracted with mess etc. - I'm not able to 'maximise my potential' ( comment from a recent school report). You see where I'm coming from if you have a family. I've decided WE are all going to 'make order' this weekend. It will be a huge effort and by Monday 'all will be well' to quote Miss Mitchell ( one of my painted characters).
I would like to do some creative things today and still have my list from this week. It's got a few key things on it - top of the list is hanging the up cycled Aunt Jen. I will do this if it kills me.
I also want to do a little more to my new paintings(2). On the crochet front I'm still completely obsessed with trying to make the much admired necklace. Here is another example of Aliquid's work from her shop on Etsy

My biggest issue with my 'necklace to be' is getting to a point where the individual rings are solid enough to hold their shape and the crochet is neat enough to look good. Holding the developing item along with the hook and the yarn is challenging for me - I'm not giving up yet. I have a few ideas.

Yet another crochet link Lovely project here

I've looked at the idea of a crochet frame before. If you are a regular reader you will remember me adding it as a project. It never happened. I do like this one. I would like to have a go for Christmas. My idea is to make one for my own display with a Christmas theme. I will show any developments. This blog is going to be my last comment on crochet for a while (other than sharing any success I have). I'm beginning to bore myself with this obsession. See my effort at a snowflake. I mentioned this yesterday and spent ages last night trying to understand the pattern. I think I did - in the end. It's not brilliant but I think I've developed my skills a little.

I need to darn the ends into the shape but it looks OK, my biggest achievement is following the pattern.

Well, that's about it for this week. I can't believe another week has passed.
Have a good weekend.

Bye for now.