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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Snowflakes and poppies.

Hi Everyone
Another lovely day today - a little 'breazy' at times but generally bright and warmish (when in the sunshine ! ).

I've spent the day with my Dad - so normal life 'out of the window'. He lives about an hour away and we also had a visit from my youngest brother. Good chat and drank lots of coffee with some shopping. Lovely day but no work done at all. I'm planning on a little this evening but I'm also looking forward to a new Kirstie Alsop TV series 'Kirstie's Vintage Home'. Will discuss anything worth mentioning tomorrow.

During our little shopping trip I saw some crochet snowflakes - to be used as Christmas decorations. I had noticed a number of patterns around the blogs recently and am keen to have a go myself. It all looks simple but because they are 'unforgiving' in a detailed way any mistakes will be highlighted and will look dreadful and certainly not suitable for admiring amongst my decorated Christmas home ! I'm 'hopeful' for a decorated Christmas.

This is my favourite crochet look for a snowflake - not sure I can make one as good but I will give it a go.

It's Remembrance Sunday this weekend and I need to get some poppies. Our boys usually get involved with their Scout parade and we all need poppies. I remember last year having to make some at the last minute because I had forgotten to buy some. We all gave extra funds to the collection on the day but I liked the ones I made. I think, I may do some more this year. I took some great pictures of a garden poppy some time ago and had a few ideas of how I could use them in my work. Several of my paintings have elements of poppies ( see the collection collage).

Well, almost time for my Kirstie programme.

Bye for now.