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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Day 10 - Party Invites to make.

Hi Everyone
Another 'quiet' day re weather. Some blue sky peeping through but clouds are racing across the horizon. Anything could happen !

Today is Day 10 - my offer today is a PARTY INVITE. This item is slightly different from the previous days and the point of the exercise is to do with creativity and recycling things. I'm passionate about 're using' in creative work. When I succeed with a re cycled project, it give me so much satisfaction and pleasure (I obviously need to get out more !).
Each item in the Christmas Prep project has produced a range of printed and or developed crafting elements. My Party Invite, has taken 'left over's' from the individual projects and made them into something pretty and useful.
The Invite is essentially a small folded card but as you can see its using all the embellishments already used for the previous days prep. items.

My plan is to make 10 of these cards - the main messages will stay the same - these are simply printed out on my pc. The cards themselves will take the form of any leftover paper/card and will be unique in their construction.
The example shown here started life with two single pieces of paper left over from the Gift Voucher ( day 7) I had tested a print using plain printer paper before using card for the final voucher version. The print was not the right way up so I needed to find a way of linking the printed images on 'the fold'. If you look at the top of the invite you can see my solution.

You can see a couple of photos showing front and back. I've used the red 'lace' embellishment to draw attention away from the plain white joint and give a slightly 'luxurious' feel to the invite. I've added stars to give a bit of bling - always good at Christmas or parties.

The back of the invite will be as good as the front. I like to think the recipients will be pleased to display their invite until the day of my party.
Hope you like the idea of the project.

I'm doing some volunteering at our school today so must get to it. I may have time for a little crochet later.

Bye for today.