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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Miss Mitchell or crochet ? or both !

Hi Everyone
A lovely day today - bright and quite mild. Gives me a bit of a 'lift'.

I'm STILL clearing the decks from our family holiday last week. Lots of minor cleaning and storing of kit. It seems to take me forever to get organised. The implications are not much work done ! I did,however, move on my new pictures on a little

I've started a background. It's a winter scene and needs lots more work but I'm trying out the dolls - I think it will end of being 'Three Queens' - not sure about this name but I think the idea will work.
I've also started a new Miss Mitchell - I'm as far as her face - she will have a new hairstyle and dress soon

I've sketched out some ideas and need to work more on the eyes to start her make over.

Extra Christmas card ideas are underway. I like the idea of a few elaborate cards and lots of simple designs for myself so I will reflect this in my offer.

The notes identify my plan for the simple designs. I was inspired by an outfit called Pink Petticoat They always have lots of very simple but contemporary designs. I will adapt the ideas when I develop. I'm never sure what will turn out. Will hope to get packs in my shops for the weekend.
Having summarised my activity yesterday, I have done 'quite' a day ! - I hadn't thought so. Well done me !

A great photo came my way yesterday. It's on a Chinese website, so no chance of understanding the pattern or anything else but it looks great.

I'm drawn back to crochet (most days) this bag is way off my ability scale but I do like it. I especially like the colour. I also like this range of edgings, perhaps I could achieve something 'like' these ( with the emphasis on 'like').

Well, must move on. Probably, no time for practice today. I do have my new wool ( shared yesterday). My practice project is going to be something like the broach I shared a week or so ago. Here it is again. I love this idea.

Bye for today.