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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Even more crochet !

Hi Everyone
Another nice day - weather wise. Quite mild and a little breezy.

I had a very lazy day having coffee with some friends. We chattered most of the morning. Luxury ! I followed up with some shopping. Generally very little production but lots of inspiration chat. I even talked about crochet with my friends and discussed the latest necklace challenge - still 'under development'

Here it is again - I've ordered some navy to compliment the colours but I've had a re think today (before the navy has arrived) and I'm going for grey. I've also decided not to ban crochet talk - its not going to happen, so crochet is officially here to stay !

On another matter, I came across a fabulous little online shop Here Lots of hand carved stamps and other things.

These little hand carved stamps are very cute. They are buttons. I tried my hand at making such a thing and failed. I'm inspired to try again. The site has lots of great ideas. Take a look.

Also, the dolls from yesterday have attracted lots of comments. People want to know where they come from. They are from Here it's called Loop. Again, some great ideas and lovely things knitted and some crochet !

That's about it for today - although I have another crochet offer. Love this bracelet. Yet another thing I need to create. I've decided crochet is my hobby. 💝

I'm dedicating tomorrow to working. Lets see how much I can get done in one day. I need to make up for about 2 weeks !

Bye for now.