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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Still obsessed !

Hi Everyone
Another day of volunteering today - I must be getting 'brownie points' for all this volunteering ! When will my reward come ?

Ive spent lots of time thinking about what to do next for Workshop 3 of the local polymer clay group. I'm obsessed with bracelets. I started thinking about beads (in general) but keep coming back to BRACELETS. I will need to work through this little problem, no point trying to make my mind go elsewhere. One of my ideas is this :

I made these practice shapes from one of my flower moulds last week and have been thinking about making bracelet beads. I think the stretchy thread would work well on this idea. Ive only got two beads at the moment so will need to make more. Here is the mould I made, it's still got tiny seeds in it. Must get them out.

One other little idea is to make a ring. Here is the most simple ring in the world.

The only thing - if you make it too big (very easily done) it's back to starting again. This one seems OK. I will have a go at some sort of surface pattern before curing.
PS - I didn't do any metal work ! Perhaps tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.