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Friday, 16 January 2015

Do always do your homework ?

Hi Everyone
It's the end of the week again and I feel like I need a holiday ! It's been quite a busy week with lots of small but time consuming things going on. I've been taken away from my 'creating table' every day at some point. All my little meetings and events have been exciting and potentially important to the future of my work but I've not done enough actual 'making' and I feel I need to spend a few days just making stuff.

Friday's are going to be about little projects - things which probably take up to an hour of time. The actual time spent is not that important, it's a way of (in my mind) deciding that the project is a very small one. I will organise these little projects into a Pinterest Board for easy reference and allow everyone to share from my page. I will also try and get a link organised from the blog too.

This week my project is about closing up a necklace. I've made a necklace with various components (I've made all the bits FROM SCRATCH, of course) and the closure needs to be suitable for the necklace. My necklace will slip over the head, so - no need to open/close. I want to compliment and balance other features on the necklace and am wondering which will look best. I think, I need to try a couple of options and choose the most appropriate. My initial thoughts are either a jump ring or a hook. I like 'simple' as a starting point but I'm wondering if a simple jump ring will not give enough of a statement ? On the other hand, will a hook be too 'fussy' and destroy a simple design ? I need to try both ideas and possibly more if they both don't work. I will spend up to an hour on the active research and share when I'm done. Here is a quick look at my project 'pre solution'.

PS I didn't finish or even start last weeks project and want to get that going today too. That's all I'm saying - look back to 9/1/15 for details. It's always good to own up when one doesn't get homework done. I feel better already.

Thanks for reading.