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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Imitation Game

Hi Everyone
Last Thursday, I introduced a new feature on the blog called Imitation Game (read up on the detail in the 15/1/15 blog). The idea is to use something as an inspiration for the development of a new bead. The bead will then develop into a new piece of jewellery or indeed a range of jewellery.
For my first project, I'm using a few pieces of actual jewellery as my starting point - designed by Jayne Flannigan (look at 15/1/15 for images). I've moved onto my 'liked characteristics' phase ie the things I especially like about the original inspiration item(s) and have produced a word cloud to express my thoughts :

Having (quickly) identified these characteristics (in the word cloud), I am deciding to focus on 2 or 3 words which will inform my new development. The words/characteristics which I particularly favour are STRIPES, SMOOTH and COLOUR. These words identify the elements which 'shout out' from theoriginal inspiration images. I want to try and use only polymer clay for the bead production, rather than add painted lines (as used in Jayne Flannigans work). I particularly like the very thin lines in Jaynes beads. I also want to go with a series of colours which can mix and match.

I think, I would like the final jewellery pieces to be interchangeable in some way and for this reason the range of colours are important. I like the long, thin style beads used in Jaynes designs but maybe something else will develop ?
My next move is to play with clay and the ideas I have in my head. I will get some photos as I go and put them on the pinterest board called Imitation Game in my pinterest page - you can access my page from the button - here on the blog. I think ? I'm after a oblong shaped, striped bead with some way of configuring with other similar beads in a variety of colours. The colours need to come next and Im undecided at this point.
I've given myself a month on each of these Thursday projects but I'm late in starting so for this first one my finish deadline will be the last Thursday in Feb.

Thanks to Jayne Flannigan for her inspiration and also thanks for reading.