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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Imitation Game

Hi Everyone
I'm reporting on my inspiration project today - I introduced the idea of this initiative last Thursday and created a Pinterest board to collect and share my work. Ive pondered a name for the board for a few days and keep coming back to the title Imitation Game (mainly as I've recently seen the film with the same title).
My idea is to take an inspirational idea/image/item etc each month and analyse (in a loose sense) what I like about it. I want to take the 'liked' characteristics and use them to take me to a creative place (metaphorically speaking) where I can produce something worthwhile (to me, I'm the judge here). This project will be to produce a range of beads which in turn will be items of jewellery.
I'm sort of thinking it's about 'imitation'. The dictionary uses a range of words to define imitation - the word Im latching onto is 'echoing' rather than words like 'reproduction' or 'copy'. Sounds like a brilliant plan. However, life is never so simple ! I'm there with the intention and much enthused but ..... I'm not getting my results - yet !
My work process is to look, in detail, at the inspirational images Ive chosen and make a few notes and words to hang my ideas on. I like to use the iPad version of Wordle (a word cloud tool) to visually record my words. Here is my initial word cloud (tiny bit not shown on right is word PROMPT).

My next stage is to add the 'liked' characteristics I've chosen from the inspiration, in this case Im starting with a few pieces of jewellery by the artist Jayne Flanagan. A big thank you to Jayne for providing the initial inspiration. My favourite pieces are these.

I will complete another word cloud, combining the chosen inspirational words with the 'liked' characteristics . The end result of the actual word cloud is not that important (but it appeals to me as an image) it's more the mental processes involved in getting my mind in the right place for something to 'spark' and then, I know I'm onto something.
I think, I like this process because it allows me to think I'm controlling my creations and gives a vent for the frustration that often occurs when I can't move forward with ideas. Somehow, ideas are in there (often) but won't come out or are not ready to emerge.
When I've developed my final cloud with this project, I will get into playing with clay and keep away from the inspiration images for a while. I don't want to make identical copies and don't want to be too influenced by specific colours or shapes. I'm going to record significant points (progress or ideas) on the Pinterest board as I a go and each Thursday I will share my progress.

Thanks for reading.